Often a potential customer will ask me – “Why would I need pest control visits in the winter?” The truth is, this is a pretty good question. Whether you’re up north in Flagstaff or down south in Phoenix or Tuscon, ice and cold is still a reality in the winter months. Flagstaff just had a winter storm come through last month that dumped a foot and a half of snow in some parts of the area – which again begs the question; do I really need a recurring pest control service in the cooler months?
Black Widow spiders for example – most common in the warm southern states – look for dry, dark and WARM locations to winter. This means they are likely to enter, and nest and breed inside the home come the cooler months. Effective and consistent pest control can help prevent them from entering as it begins to get cool, and make sure that any new hatchlings are taken care of quickly if they do hatch out inside during the winter. In fact when it’s cool and wet outdoors, all pests are far more likely to enter the home in search of shelter, food and warmth, than during the hotter summer months. Recently, we’ve been getting more calls about mice inside garages, and the home itself. This is both common and expected as it gets cooler, as mice are living almost exclusively indoors as it’s getting cooler, and looking for shelter and food. Trapping, bait boxes, and careful evaluation as to how the rodents are entering is required, as well as included for every recurring customer with a pest control agreement.
If you’ve put off hiring a pest professional because you thought that winter would do the trick for you, think again. Give Bircher Exterminating a call and we’d be happy to provide a free quote, and come out to customize a pest solution that fits your needs.

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