Rats & Rodent Extermination


Rats, mice and other creatures in your home or workplace are an unwelcome menace, but also a real human danger. Bircher Extermination Services specializes in taking immediate action to eliminate and prevent rodent infestations.

Prolific breeders, rodents are also hardy survivors, known to exist in countless weather conditions and environments. Able to crawl through a ½ inch opening, rats will climb vertical and horizontal pipes, wires and rough surfaces with ease, can jump more than three feet, and will even swim! Mice and other rodents can be just as formidable.

Many people are aware that rodents have been historically responsible for the spread of disease to both humans and animals. Many people do not realize thaxt in addition to the famous and alarmingly deadly cases of bubonic plague, rabies and Hantavirus, rodents are also a very serious cause of E. coli poisoning, human allergies, and asthma. You can become infected from dust caused by droppings, urine, and saliva, all present wherever they travel and especially where rodents form burrows.

In addition to real health concerns, rodents of various kinds are known to do extensive property damage. Droppings cause horrible odors, and rodents can also destroy floors, ceilings, doors and walls as a result of their burrowing and gnawing. They are known to gnaw on pipes and wires which can cause equipment malfunctions, power shortages, and even fires. It is difficult to estimate the financial and emotional costs of food, clothing, furniture, heirlooms, books, papers, and electronic equipment that can be contaminated and destroyed by a rodent infestation. Using professional services for your office or home is the best solution to protecting your investments. You can rest easy knowing that we, at Bircher, are on your team.

Fighting rodent infestations is one of the many pest elimination services that Bircher Extermination offers. We excel at individualized, clear solutions to your concerns for your property and peace of mind. For over 16 years, Bircher has been successfully treating both large and small properties for rodents, with comprehensive skill and knowledge.

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