Rats: Prevent Roof Rats from Getting On Your Property


Almost anywhere in a backyard can be a home for roof rats. Home owners just need to maintain their landscaping and keep a clean patio and they should be roof rat worry-free. Here are some tools to use to help keep these rodents away.

 A popular spot is resting water; in the summer’s monsoon or storm season a lot of water is left on carports or on back porches. It is best to sweep the water into the gutter or into your grass, that way there are no puddles for rats to come drink from.

 Don’t worry if you have a giant amount of resting water known as a pool, roof rats are afraid to swim! But keep plants that are next to your pool trimmed up.

 Another great way to prevent roof rats in your plants is to put the planters on a rack so they are not resting on the ground.

 A favorite of roof rats is dog or cat food, if there are food bowls left outside for your animal there is a high possibility roof rats will stop by.

 A great way to keep roof rats out of your citrus trees is to put a rat guard on the tree. This is a piece of sheet metal wrapped around the tree to make sure the rats cannot crawl up it.

 Trimming all trees is important. Make sure they are not touching power lines or anything else as the rats will use those to get into the top of the tree. Also make sure no branches are too low as that will be a way to crawl up the tree.

 With bushes, it is best to keep them pruned regularly, and having the bottom not touch the ground below is helpful.

 With all shrubbery, bushes, and trees it is best to have them free standing that way their limbs do not overlap fences or worse yet, your house, which can make it easier for roof rats to make a home.

 All stacks of wood or clippings should be kept at a higher level and not on the ground.

 Keep any containers that are outside closed with a tight lid. Anything from a trash can to a plastic storage container. Especially a trash container otherwise it’s a roof rats paradise.

 When trimming bigger plants like oleanders or bougainvillea’s, make sure they are thinned out enough where you can see the sunlight through them. The thicker they are, the more appealing they are to roof rats.

 Rats will eat anything so ensure to clean up thoroughly after parties on your patio.

 Pick up fruit that has fallen from trees on a daily basis. If they can’t get in your tree then the next best thing is a free meal.

 Pick up animal waste on a daily basis. Yes, as gross as it sounds that is another invitation for a rat to come feed.

 Keep the bottom of your trees cleaned up as well, if you don’t have a rat guard. If the area is open many of the rat’s enemies could see it, so they tend to stay away from areas where they can’t hide.

Although the rats are not in the house, they are still close enough that they could have the opportunity to get in. In the spring and fall seasons the evenings can be cool, sometimes with a slight breeze; many people tend to open a porch door or some windows in the house to help with air flow. Even though the weather is nice this is a welcome mat for roof rats.

Double check these areas, as they are the most popular places for roof rats to live.

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