Our Service is Your Solution


Our Service is Your “One-Stop” Solution!

Why hire one company for insects, one for weed control, and one for rodent infestation? With complete extermination plans and preventative measures for all of these, and for just about any of your pest control needs, Bircher IS your one-stop solution. Our professionally licensed technicians are a dynamic source of knowledge, technology and capable know-how.

At Bircher, our exterminating team puts your mind at ease, and gets your pest control problem under complete control quickly. Familiar and knowledgeable with all kinds of bugs and rodents that you consider “pests,” solving your problems with clean, safe, and effective solutions is our aim, and our business. We consider ourselves successful when you are satisfied with our services. Our service is your solution!

What kind of pests are we talking about? You are already aware of the many creatures that Arizona is home to, often infiltrating even the most luxury accommodations:

– Rodents
– Ants
– Roaches
– Spiders
– Silverfish
– Termites
– Scorpions
– Bees
– Bedbugs

Not only do we provide friendly and individualized services with a personal touch unmatched by our national competitors, Bircher works with many HOA’S and condo communities to achieve their goals. When you need a pest control provider who can clearly communicate with your team of managers, Bircher informs and educates you well about your particular situation and needs. You will soon know almost as much as we do! Enjoy the confidence that you have chosen a company you can trust and easily work with.

Bircher Exterminating provides pest control extermination services in Phoenix, and the entire Phoenix Valley, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Buckeye, etc.

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