HOA / Condominiums

Our Professional Concept

condo-hoa-exterminator phoenixBircher Exterminating specializes in servicing professional property managers and HOA/condominium communities in the entire Phoenix Valley.

Our exterminator services are higher quality, and more personalized than any of our larger competitors. We identify and accommodate your budgetary needs, because we fully understand that any bug problem will directly cost you in rental loss.

With our comprehensive and direct approach, Bircher Exterminating allows you to maximize your leasing capabilities without losing tenants or creating negative publicity for your property. Bircher offers viable solutions for your every pest control need.

Special Offer to HOA’s / Condominiums

To provide the most cost-effective options available, when we service the common areas of your HOA or condominium community, Bircher Exterminating Services offers residents of the community discounted services for their individual homes. Ask your Property Manager to contact us for further details on our community services and homeowner discounts.

What We Offer

Our mission is to provide you with satisfying results, with a plan that meets or exceeds your budgetary expectations. All materials we use in our pest control treatments on your premises, and around your tenants’ homes, will conform with state, federal, and local laws and regulations. We provide safe, thorough and above all, effective pest elimination and control.