Bee Removal

bee-removal bee exterminator phoenixAre the bees swarming around your head making you uncomfortable? Do you want them taken care of ASAP? Of course, you do! While a bee or wasp’s nest is a wonder of nature, you would probably prefer to watch them on a television nature special–not in your backyard!

Bees can be a huge menace to your safety, property and investment. A growing nest can contain thousands of sometimes aggressive bees, and attacks by swarms are not unheard of in Arizona and California. Early intervention with a professional pest control provider is our BEST recommendation.

The important thing to remember is that while a nest CAN be safely removed from your property, it is a rigorous process requiring expertise and care. Bircher’s team of experts can quickly be on your site, and will thoroughly educate you about the complete removal process. As a local company, we at Bircher provide more personalized services than any national provider, and we can devise individualized solutions that best suit your needs.

Bircher provides complete, quality removal services for your bee or wasp dilemma. All of our technicians are state licensed, and professionally trained in thorough bee and wasp removal. Our team of superior technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in utilizing the latest and best technology available. We employ highly specialized equipment and most importantly, rigorous safety measures to ensure your bee or wasp removal is done quickly and completely. We have wide experience in this industry, and our professionalism is unmatched. We always aim for your 100% satisfaction with our services.