Bed Bugs


Bedbugs are back! The fast and unfortunate resurgence of bedbugs has been all over the news. Americans love to travel, and so do bedbugs, in luggage, airplanes, and even from person to person. The infestation has been alarming: movie theaters, retail shops, libraries, college dorms, public transportation, churches, restaurants and offices, apartments and homes have all fallen prey to these apple seed-sized insects with a taste for human blood. Bedbugs are in no way limited to dirty or messy environments, having notoriously infested even five-star hotels. The problem is widespread, and the stigma of dealing with bedbugs can even be traumatic. Even a rumor of bedbugs can destroy the public’s ability to trust and do business with you.

Bedbugs reproduce at an incredibly fast rate. A female bedbug may lay a total of 300-500 eggs during her lifetime. An adult bedbug can live up to 18 months without a blood meal, and with small, flat bodies, they are expert hiders and stowaways. It is sometimes impossible to detect bedbugs until you already have a full-blown infestation.

Although they do not spread disease to humans, bedbugs are notorious biters, feeding on human blood, and infesting your bed, home and office. Ultimately, the most alarming aspect of bedbugs is the psychological impact of dealing with a bug that is horrible to have and nearly impossible to treat on your own.

Using a professional exterminator is the best and often only real solution to eliminating your problem. We suggest the earliest intervention possible, so we can take IMMEDIATE ACTION to prevent real loss of property, income, and well, your sanity.

Some pest control companies are not well-acquainted with effective bed bug control procedures. With Bircher Exterminator Services, you can expect attention to detail, thoroughness of inspection, and effective insecticides and treatments to eliminate your bedbug worries.

Why Bircher?

For over 16 years, Bircher Exterminating Services Inc. has been providing quality pest control solutions for individual homeowners, small to large businesses, property management companies, homeowners’ associations and government agencies. We maximize health protection for the public against invasion of pests, using the latest techniques and quality products, with an awareness towards making the most minimally invasive environmental impact.
With offices in Arizona and California, we at Bircher Exterminating Services can provide a unique blend of residential and commercial pest elimination and control. Bircher Exterminating Services accommodates your budget while offering higher quality solutions, and more personal service than any national provider. We are committed to fulfilling all of your pest control needs in the friendly and professional manner upon which we have built our reputation.


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