Exterminating Services for Office & Commercial Buildings

industrial-exterminating-phoenix commercial exterminatorFact of life: Where there is food and warmth, there will be pests.

Pests are brought into restaurants, factories, warehouses and office buildings in many ways. They can travel in boxed foods, packaging and cartons, in materials, and in some cases, even on your co-worker.

Having a regular regimen of pest control in the workplace is vital to protecting your staff, your inventory, and your property and structures, because once you have seen them—you most likely already have an infestation.

Different parts of the country have different pests, as do Arizona and California. Bircher Exterminating Services are familiar and expert at identifying and controlling any pests that might be lurking within your particular business environment, and offer practical solutions within your budget.

It is essential that any commercial business be aware of all local, state, and federal regulations regarding infestations. Bircher offers complete services to ensure your company is in full compliance.

Remember, any negative publicity in the form of a bedbug or cockroach can simply destroy your credibility in the marketplace and in your industry.

Why choose Bircher?

For over 16 years, Bircher Exterminating Services Inc. has been providing quality pest control solutions for individual homeowners, small to large businesses, property management companies, homeowners’ associations and government agencies. We maximize health protection for the public against invasion of pests, using the latest techniques and quality products, with an awareness towards making the most minimally invasive environmental impact.

With offices in Arizona and California, we at Bircher Exterminating Services can provide a unique blend of residential and commercial pest elimination and control. Bircher Exterminating Services accommodates your budget while offering higher quality solutions, and more personal service than any national provider. We are committed to fulfilling all of your pest control needs in the friendly and professional manner upon which we have built our reputation.


Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission
California Structural Pest Control Board
State of California Department of Food & Agricultural
California Department of Pesticide Regulation