Buzzing and Biting


This year, El Nino is knocking on our doorstep; and they’re bringing the pesky mosquito with them. As we anticipate a wet summer, we can also guarantee the buzzing and biting of thousands mosquitos to invade our summer parties. These biting, disease carrying nuisances are public enemy number one. If you go to the gym, have type “O” blood, or are pregnant, you may attract mosquitos more than you would like. We have good news. There are ways to protect yourself and your home.
Mosquitos love to breed in standing water. Be sure to drain any stagnant water and remove any large disposable items from your yard. Old tree stumps, children’s toys, and birdbaths are luxurious mansions to mosquitos. Cut back all bushes and overgrowth to eliminate any hiding spots. Clean rain gutters and drain spouts regularly. Over turn any small boats, tubs, or barrels. Install screens on any windows and doors in your home. By sprucing up your yard and cleaning any overgrowth, you can rest assured that you won’t have any mosquitos living rent free on your property.
In order to protect yourself while out and about, wear an insect repellent with no more than 50% DEET for adults and 30% DEET for children. During dusk and dawn, throw on long sleeves, pants, socks and shoes to cover any potential targets. Limiting your activity during these hours will also decrease your risk of being bitten. While we all want to avoid the itchy, painful welts; we also want to enjoy the beautiful weather. Thankfully, Bircher Exterminating Services has a few tricks up their sleeves to rid your yard of these nuisances.
Bircher Exterminating Services can work with you to choose the pest form of deterrents and insecticide for your home. Our technicians can highlight any drainage areas and treat them with larvicide. This treatment is a biologic growth regulator and is safe to animals, children, and fish. We also provide a broad spray to treat all areas of your yard. If your whole community seems to be having a problem, the Board of Directors can request a fogging. A technician can fog your community at dusk, while mosquitos are out in droves, as an extra step to kick these pests to the curb!
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