Buggy Fun Facts!


Sometimes a fun fact or two can help alleviate your fear and the stigma attached to common pests.

More than you wanted to know about common pests:

Rodents: Ancient Romans considered the rat to be a good luck symbol. Rome must have been very, very lucky.

Ants: Army ants are highly social and make wonderful teams. En masse, they can kill almost anything. At least, they won’t kill a good cocktail hour.

Roaches: American cockroaches are QUICK. They can run up to three miles in an hour. That’s faster than Oprah.

Spiders: The word “spider” allegedly comes from an acronym. Scientists investigating spiders in the 17th century would abbreviate “Sample — Please Investigate Data; Exoskeleton Regular” on their insect containers. If they hadn’t said “please” would we call them “siders” ?

Silverfish: How old is your silverfish? Apparently older than you think. Silverfish have remained virtually unchanged throughout millions of years on this planet…in fact, they date to 300 million years ago!

Termites: Termites on earth outweigh the humans on earth. Ick.

Scorpions: Some scorpions have up to TEN eyes. They still can’t see very well.

Bees: Honeybees NEVER sleep!

Bedbugs: It’s hard to find anything “fun” about bedbugs. We tried.

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