Bircher Exterminating


Pests and rodents and even an out-of-control yard can cause all kinds of worry. Whether they are in your home, office, or factory, the prospect of insecurity, loss of property, and even the “ick” and “nuisance” factors can be very unsettling. The internet has forums devoted to horror stories about everything from scorpions and bedbugs, to rats and mice.

Almost everyone has a story of their own: the gophers that destroyed a pristine golf course; the nine or ten scorpions that were carried into the new home by movers; the experienced hobby gardener brought to tears by a dying front yard that even the neighbors complain about.

Bircher Exterminating Services is here to help you. We have proven and effective methods, excellent products, and the necessary knowledge and assurance of working in in your particular region. We finish the job and provide maintenance for the future. We offer personal, individualized services unlike those of national providers, and we can work within your financial means. At Bircher, we strive and attain excellence.

Why do we have such a high standard? So YOU can sleep at night, knowing your pest, rodent and weed predicaments are all under control!

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