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Homes all over the country can be infested by the dreaded termite. This insect will work quietly and devastatingly inside the structure of your house and can do serious damage if not removed. Here are some pointers on how to look for signs of termites.

Watch out for mud tubes. Unlike ants, termites do not roam around exposed. They either burrow through wood or travel inside pencil-sized (or larger) mud tubes that they build from wood particles, soil and other materials. Look around the foundation of your home, in the crawl space and along the walls of your garage for termite tubes. These tubes are earth-colored and about the diameter of a pencil. If you find any, break them open to see if there are live termites inside. Live termites are a sign that you have a termite problem. Even if you do not see termites, it doesn’t mean that termites are gone; they may have just abandoned this particular mud tube. Check again the area after a few weeks to see if the termites have rebuilt the mud tubes.

Be wary of any holes that suddenly emerge in walls, most especially if you see any signs of soil close by. While the tunnels may be deep within the walls, termite holes can sometimes be found in painted drywall, and even in wallpapers.  Some small surface holes may already be a clue of termite activity, just a few inches behind the walls.

If you think you may have termite damage, call us, as serious damage could be taking place in the structure of your home. Proper treatment is best handled by a Bircher Exterminating professional.


While bees are crucial for plant pollination and wasps are predators that help control the insects they feed on, they can quickly become a hazard when they take residence around your property. Bees can become aggressive and will sting in order to defend themselves, their queen, colony, and nest. Wasps can even become aggressive around human food.

The most important rule of bee control is to eliminate the nest, where the queen bee is living and reproducing while her worker bees build comb and make honey to store for winter.

Bees, wasps, and hornets will build nests in or on any protected place, including overhangs, eaves, walls, garages, attics, sheds, barns, or trees. Bee honey and comb can cause structural damage when the hive or nest becomes too large, and the sweet honey will attract other pests as well, such as insects and rodents.

The best time of year for bee control is in late spring or early summer, when the queen has already established her colony but the nest is still small.

A professional bee exterminator is recommended for bee removal because bees become territorial and aggressive when their hive is threatened. Part of a bee’s job is to protect the queen by defending the hive, and even the most non-threatening bee species like honey bees and bumble bees will become aggressive when their hive is attacked for removal or extermination.

Are the roaches I am seeing possibly coming from my neighbor’s house? This is a question you hear often, and the answer is yes, it is possible. Roach problems like this between neighbors often happen more in row home or apartment and condo situations. With the close proximity of a row home and sometimes with the common joist set up, or in the case of apartments where pipes and wires are all common, it is the perfect highway set up for roaches to travel back and forth.

If you are faced with this problem it is best to team up with your neighbor, swallow your pride, and set up pest control services for all the homes affected.

One thing you don’t want to do is set off “bug foggers” in your home. This will only spread roaches back and forth for sure.

Thankfully roaches are easy enough to get rid of, especially if you catch the problem early. Call a professional and relax.


Devil Scorpions

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Hoffmannius spinigerus, commonly known as the Devil scorpion, are very common and widely distributed in Phoenix Arizona. Phoenix residents often mistake Devil Scorpions for their Arizona cousins the Bark scorpion.

Devil Scorpions are a medium-sized scorpion with large adult females reaching nearly 70 mm. It can be differentiated from our Arizona Bark Scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus) by the brownish-tan stripes on the back of its tail along the keels or ridges; the tail is typically thicker than the hands and pedipalps, both of which are quite slender in the bark scorpions.  It may be found on sandy soil in a variety of habitats, from desert floors to rocky hillside. Typically, it is found under any convenient surface object, including boxes, shoes, etc., where it builds a short burrow for protection. It seeks the most humid areas it can find usually in and around water sources.Devil Scorpions are predators and feed on the insects found around most Phoenix area homes such as crickets, roaches etc.  Devil Scorpions will feed on other scorpions including the Arizona Bark Scorpion.

Control methods for Devil Scorpions consist of establishing a continuous barrier around your home with special attention to harborage areas nearby.  Monthly service is important to maintain the exterior barrier.  Interior service and/or night service may be necessary for heavy infestations.


Control Pest Problems This Fall

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As the chilly fall and winter weather arrives, families are getting cozy in their warm houses and homes. Not surprisingly, common pests as small as ants or spiders and as big as rats, have the exact same notion. A homeowner’s only hope against the relentless invasion of these pests, is to seal-off any structural, window and door cracks or holes, that could possibly allow pest invaders; to enter to the dwelling or structure.

The most likely points of entry for pests, are a building’s windows and doors. If you often leave your door or windows open, they should be fitted with a proper screen, that is free from any holes, cuts or tears; to avoid inviting a pest control problem into your home. When inspecting the interior and exterior of your dwelling or building, look for light shining through cracks and use your hand to feel for air movement. If you discover problem areas, seal the cracks around window and door frames with caulking or foam, and apply weather-stripping and sweeps; to seal the moving parts of the door.

Aside from tiny pests like ants and spiders, small rodents like mice are a common pest problem, in the fall and winter months. These unwanted house guests can find their way through a hole, not much bigger than a dime. Once inside a structure and sheltered, they can quickly multiply into a serious pest, bug or insect control problem, for unsuspecting property and home owners. Therefore, as an added precaution and level of protection, it is recommended that glue traps be placed in the attic and other possible pest-prone areas. These sticky traps are able to grab both rodents and insect problems, so if pests do manage to invade parts of your home, you will know what you are up against; before a serious infestation develops.

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Buggy Fun Facts!

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Sometimes a fun fact or two can help alleviate your fear and the stigma attached to common pests.

More than you wanted to know about common pests:

Rodents: Ancient Romans considered the rat to be a good luck symbol. Rome must have been very, very lucky.

Ants: Army ants are highly social and make wonderful teams. En masse, they can kill almost anything. At least, they won’t kill a good cocktail hour.

Roaches: American cockroaches are QUICK. They can run up to three miles in an hour. That’s faster than Oprah.

Spiders: The word “spider” allegedly comes from an acronym. Scientists investigating spiders in the 17th century would abbreviate “Sample — Please Investigate Data; Exoskeleton Regular” on their insect containers. If they hadn’t said “please” would we call them “siders” ?

Silverfish: How old is your silverfish? Apparently older than you think. Silverfish have remained virtually unchanged throughout millions of years on this planet…in fact, they date to 300 million years ago!

Termites: Termites on earth outweigh the humans on earth. Ick.

Scorpions: Some scorpions have up to TEN eyes. They still can’t see very well.

Bees: Honeybees NEVER sleep!

Bedbugs: It’s hard to find anything “fun” about bedbugs. We tried.

Hiring an experienced, licensed professional such as Bircher Exterminating Services to assist in your pest control problem will undoubtedly help ELIMINATE your concerns that might be attached to your business and investments.

Remember: Bircher has been a reliable provider of quality pest control services for all kinds of properties and industries since 1994. Trust our proven track record, and consider that your pest problems are quickly and effectively treatable!

Bircher Exterminating provides pest control extermination services in Phoenix, and the entire Phoenix Valley, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Buckeye, etc.

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Our Service is Your Solution

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Our Service is Your “One-Stop” Solution!

Why hire one company for insects, one for weed control, and one for rodent infestation? With complete extermination plans and preventative measures for all of these, and for just about any of your pest control needs, Bircher IS your one-stop solution. Our professionally licensed technicians are a dynamic source of knowledge, technology and capable know-how.

At Bircher, our exterminating team puts your mind at ease, and gets your pest control problem under complete control quickly. Familiar and knowledgeable with all kinds of bugs and rodents that you consider “pests,” solving your problems with clean, safe, and effective solutions is our aim, and our business. We consider ourselves successful when you are satisfied with our services. Our service is your solution!

What kind of pests are we talking about? You are already aware of the many creatures that Arizona is home to, often infiltrating even the most luxury accommodations:

– Rodents
– Ants
– Roaches
– Spiders
– Silverfish
– Termites
– Scorpions
– Bees
– Bedbugs

Not only do we provide friendly and individualized services with a personal touch unmatched by our national competitors, Bircher works with many HOA’S and condo communities to achieve their goals. When you need a pest control provider who can clearly communicate with your team of managers, Bircher informs and educates you well about your particular situation and needs. You will soon know almost as much as we do! Enjoy the confidence that you have chosen a company you can trust and easily work with.

Bircher Exterminating provides pest control extermination services in Phoenix, and the entire Phoenix Valley, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Buckeye, etc.

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Bircher Exterminating

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Pests and rodents and even an out-of-control yard can cause all kinds of worry. Whether they are in your home, office, or factory, the prospect of insecurity, loss of property, and even the “ick” and “nuisance” factors can be very unsettling. The internet has forums devoted to horror stories about everything from scorpions and bedbugs, to rats and mice.

Almost everyone has a story of their own: the gophers that destroyed a pristine golf course; the nine or ten scorpions that were carried into the new home by movers; the experienced hobby gardener brought to tears by a dying front yard that even the neighbors complain about.

Bircher Exterminating Services is here to help you. We have proven and effective methods, excellent products, and the necessary knowledge and assurance of working in in your particular region. We finish the job and provide maintenance for the future. We offer personal, individualized services unlike those of national providers, and we can work within your financial means. At Bircher, we strive and attain excellence.

Why do we have such a high standard? So YOU can sleep at night, knowing your pest, rodent and weed predicaments are all under control!

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Bedbug Extermination

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Don’t Let Bedbugs Steal Your Sleep!

Bedbugs in America are becoming a huge problem. The loss of personal property can be astounding, as more and more people are throwing out a good portion of their belongings in a frenzied attempt to rid their home of these nightmare-inducing creatures. Bedbugs not only infiltrate and make beds uninhabitable, but they can populate rugs, clothing, electronics, and even books and papers.

While any number of websites are available to provide factual, historical, and personal views of the bedbug problem, the probably most crucial point about bedbugs is that they can literally be on your mind to the exclusion of almost all other things. Once people suffer infestations of bedbugs, they are held hostage to daily rituals of repeated washing, cleaning, and worst still, imagining that the bedbugs are consuming their very lives.

Unfortunately, those who do not seek professional extermination services for bedbug problems can become gripped with paranoia. They will sometimes find themselves employing completely dangerous methods in an attempt to eliminate the bedbugs, often worsening their infestations, and seriously compromising their health as well. There have been many cases of people spraying or dusting ineffective and dangerous chemicals in their earnestness, only to end up in the hospital having suffered respiratory ailments or poisoning.

Education is imperative in the fight against bedbugs, and hiring a professional with skills, knowledge and the correct tools to eliminate your infestation is imperative to successfully treating a bedbug infestation. Trust Bircher Exterminating Services as your ally in creating workable and affordable solutions that will not jeopardize the health of you and your loved ones.

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Rats & Rodent Extermination

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Rats, mice and other creatures in your home or workplace are an unwelcome menace, but also a real human danger. Bircher Extermination Services specializes in taking immediate action to eliminate and prevent rodent infestations.

Prolific breeders, rodents are also hardy survivors, known to exist in countless weather conditions and environments. Able to crawl through a ½ inch opening, rats will climb vertical and horizontal pipes, wires and rough surfaces with ease, can jump more than three feet, and will even swim! Mice and other rodents can be just as formidable.

Many people are aware that rodents have been historically responsible for the spread of disease to both humans and animals. Many people do not realize thaxt in addition to the famous and alarmingly deadly cases of bubonic plague, rabies and Hantavirus, rodents are also a very serious cause of E. coli poisoning, human allergies, and asthma. You can become infected from dust caused by droppings, urine, and saliva, all present wherever they travel and especially where rodents form burrows.

In addition to real health concerns, rodents of various kinds are known to do extensive property damage. Droppings cause horrible odors, and rodents can also destroy floors, ceilings, doors and walls as a result of their burrowing and gnawing. They are known to gnaw on pipes and wires which can cause equipment malfunctions, power shortages, and even fires. It is difficult to estimate the financial and emotional costs of food, clothing, furniture, heirlooms, books, papers, and electronic equipment that can be contaminated and destroyed by a rodent infestation. Using professional services for your office or home is the best solution to protecting your investments. You can rest easy knowing that we, at Bircher, are on your team.

Fighting rodent infestations is one of the many pest elimination services that Bircher Extermination offers. We excel at individualized, clear solutions to your concerns for your property and peace of mind. For over 16 years, Bircher has been successfully treating both large and small properties for rodents, with comprehensive skill and knowledge.

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