Ant Activity


If you haven’t already seen them, now is the time when pesky little ants make their appearance in many homes. As the weather gets warmer ant colonies become more active.  Not only are ants a major nuisance for many homeowners but it is very hard to get rid of ants due to their very large colonies which house thousands of ants.

There are several species of ants that can be found in Arizona and while most are considered just nuisance pests, others like carpenter ants can actually cause extensive structural damage. But regardless of the species of ant, they are not an insect that you want to welcome inside or anywhere near your home. The most common mistake that homeowners make is attempting to get rid of ants on their own with store bought sprays. Not only will you still see ants but it will be even harder to locate the source of their colony.

In order to help protect your home from any ant invaders follow these steps for ant prevention:

-Make sure that all of your windows and doors are secured with tight fitting screens that have no holes or tears.

-Cut back bushes and shrubs so they are not touching the side of your home.

-Seal off any holes or cracks on the exterior of your home.

-Keep your kitchen clean from any food debris including grease, crumbs, and spills.

-Keep open food stored in containers with tight fitting lids.

-Always continue with your routine home pest control services.

Ants may come in large numbers but homeowners can still win the battle! By following these ant prevention tips you will hopefully stay free of any major ant infestations this year. But if they do happen to sneak past your barriers and find their way into your home then it is best to call in the pest control pros so that they can locate the colony and eliminate it.

For those living with pesky ants, contact Bircher Exterminating Services! Our team of pest control professionals will be able to not only get rid of the existing ants but help you to prevent them from coming back.

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