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Many people are unclear on how to “shop” for a good exterminator. You can look at myriad phone books and google “bugs”, ask your friends, or try to remember the name of a truck you saw on the freeway with a gigantic plastic roach on it. Honestly, even then, you aren’t much better off than consulting a clairvoyant. However, you can be confident you are making the right choice by looking at a company’s proven track record.

Our Licenses Include:

Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission
California Structural Pest Control Board
State of California Department of Food & Agricultural
California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Ask questions. We are happy to help.

We are a concise, confident enterprise, dedicated to solving your pest control problems.

How can we be so confident?

For over 24 plus years, Bircher Exterminating Services, Inc has been providing quality pest control solutions for individual homeowners, small and large businesses, property management companies, homeowners’ associations and government agencies. We maximize health protection for the public against invasion of pests, using the latest techniques and superior quality products, with an awareness towards making the most minimally invasive impact on the environment.

With offices in Arizona and California, and with a thorough understanding of the areas we treat, Bircher Exterminating Services, Inc provide a unique blend of residential and commercial pest elimination and control. We at Bircher accommodate your budget while offering high quality solutions. We offer a more personal and individualized service than any national competitor can provide. We are committed to fulfilling all of your pest control needs in the friendly and professional manner upon which we have built our reputation. Call us—you will be confident you have hired an exterminator you can trust.